After dabbling in art as a teenager, I decided actual canvas art was not the way of the future so I studied Commercial Art and Advertising in college and went on to do various graphic art jobs with plastics printing being the most challenging.  I was a layout artist, printing plates maker, and finally the Art Director for a major plastic cup manufacturer and printer for a total of 6 years.  After this I went into marketing and having my own graphic design business.  Soon it was time to move back to Texas for my husband and I to own our first company together.  This one company has led to a wonderful network of four scientific/bio tech based companies.  They are wonderful companies and I love all the people that make it successful.  But bio tech just wasn't filling my soul.  I went back to oil painting in search of that fulfillment but I wasn't able to spend enough time painting to really get involved. So when an opportunity presented itself to be a partner in a local gallery, I took it.  Pam Yarborough Originals, LLC is now a reality and I am loving it.

My paintings are mainly based on Texas and New Mexico because that has been what strikes me and makes me smile.  It's important to smile when you see an art piece.  I know there are a lot of elements about art that are "supposed to" make it a masterpiece.  But if it doesn't make you smile or you aren't moved in some way when you look at it, then it isn't for you.   Most of all I love helping others to feel and experience different aspects of art.  When someone brings me a commission piece, I want to bring out what the customer is feeling about the piece.  What is it about the subject that they want to be a lasting memory.  That's what I want to capture for them and put on canvas.  I want what they love the most to be what they take home to enjoy everyday.  This is what I call the Art Experience!


Enjoying a beautiful day in the gallery…