Enjoying the day painting...

“Nothing more enjoyable than helping someone find a piece of art that touches their heart; whether it reminds them of a memory or makes their world come alive in a way they didn’t know was possible.”

Pam’s art truly captures the Texas and New Mexico landscape and culture. She likes Texas and New Mexico because of the bright colorful history it provides.  She takes structural history and land with all of its broken pieces, rust, and fallen down memories and puts it on canvas. This is what you get when you take a Pam Yarborough Originals home. You get a piece that captures the love and the excitement for that moment in time. A time that won’t be the same again. There are a lot of elements about art that are "supposed to" make it a masterpiece, but if it doesn't move you, connect with your soul, or make you smile then it isn't for you.   Feeling an emotion when you see an art piece is very important.  If you aren’t feeling anything, look for something else. Pam wants to help others feel and experience art. To have a small taste of the passion for life in that moment the art was captured. When someone brings her a commission piece, she wants to bring out what they are feeling about the subject.  What is it that you want to be a lasting memory.  That's what she captures and puts on canvas.  Having what you love most is what you should take home with you from Pam’s art. Take it home, feel the emotions, enjoy it every day. This is what art is for…  Be Original… Own an Original.

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